Drinks at Pledgdon Barn

provision of glasses/staff to serve your drinks is usually quoted for in 2 sections:

Daytime Drinks:From the start to the toast after the meal

For service/glasses for 75+ guests (using drinks you have obtained) for the daytime aspect of the event, the 2020 price per head is £9.25.

This includes service, chilling, equipment, glasses (eg elegant, long-stemmed wine glasses), polishing/putting out glasses, collecting up & washing up after and disposal of empty bottles too.

Typical service style is for a choice of 3 Arrival Drinks offered by staff from trays (+ glasses topped up as necessary).

Thereafter, your table drinks (ie 1 type of white wine, 1 of red wine and your glass bottles of still water) will be in place on tables for guests to help themselves to, with bottles replaced as required until the Toast after the meal.

NB It’s not possible to offer a wider selection of wines with the meal. A toast (eg Champagne) is served with a filled glass offered to each guest.

Evening Drinks: For the eve part of your event from the bar area (approximately 7.30pm to 11.30pm)

The 2020 price for serving drinks (you’ve obtained) – is £7.95 per head. This includes glasses, washing up, staff and empty bottle disposal after – and represents good value ‘per hour per guest’ re evening drinks service including equipment.

Alternatively, opt for a licensed cash Pay Bar subject to availability and for a minimum £750 spend. The fee and License for this option is £315 for 2020 and then drinks are charged at similar rates to pub prices.

However, as a condition of running a Pay Bar, please appreciate there can be no overlap between daytime drinks (for which the client supplies the drink) and the Pay Bar aspect.

Any unused or part-used ‘daytime’ bottles will be stored and available next day for the client to take back.

Chilling your Drinks: Refrigeration is available as a choice to you, free of charge, at Pledgdon Barn to assist with chilling your drinks. This should be done several days prior to the event for best effect. You may wish to obtain bags of ice in addition if offering spirits at an evening bar. We advise that you have wedding insurance to cover the value of any of your items stored on the premises.

Cocktails & Full Bar: If the client requires an extensive range of drinks to be offered (eg liqueurs or cocktails or beer kegs), we reserve the right to amend the drinks service quote.


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