Venue Hire Rates

Hire of this beautiful event location offers excellent value for money, especially when compared to hire costs of marquees, tables/chairs etc.


* Barn hire: £4495 (VAT not applicable)

* Civil Ceremony: £415 (+ registrar’s fee)

* Daytime Drinks service: £9.25 per head inc. staff/equip and disposing of bottles after

* Eve Pay Bar: £315 including licensing fees + add costs of drinks too (at pub prices or less)

* 3 course Set Menus at £49.90 inclusive staff/equipment or £59.60 for your choice of the menu suggestions

* Eve Cheeses, Bread, Fruit Buffet: £12.95 per head inclusive and Hog Roast (minimum 100 guests) £13.45 per head – and other ideas available

Pledgdon Barn hire includes many facilities – and we allow hirers advance access the day before from 10am-2pm, for unhurried setting up…and until 9:30am on the day after your event for ‘collection’/clearing purposes.

However to get an accurate and best quote for your event – just get in touch! Ring 01279 876661

Let us know your budget and plans to see if we can offer a great solution!

Civil Ceremonies

The charge for use of our civil ceremony licence is £415 for 2020. Up to 100 guests can sit for the ceremony + about 20 more may stand.

You could add a marquee to the Barn side for higher numbers.

NB: Book with Chelmsford Registration Office (T: 0345 603 7632) to secure a time for the service on your chosen date – and they charge a fee.


Pledgdon Barn’s caterer is Country Cuisine Ltd. Menus are found here, but ring for exact quotes as prices take into account guest numbers, courses, food style, date etc.

Alternatives offered for pre-booked vegetarians, ‘allergic’ guests + children too.

It’s sometimes possible for other caterers to be permitted re the food aspect (eg religious reasons). The charge for this permission is £1595 including optional use of kitchen servery facilities on event day.

That caterer must provide food hygiene certificate/current insurance/ liability cover and food registration certificate in compliance with the barn’s environmental health office. We can hire you equipment/linen etc if required.

Drinks at Pledgdon Barn

As a further cost-saving, you supply your event’s drinks – and Barn Services provides glasses/service aspect.

Rather than ‘corkage’ rates or ‘per bottle’, we think it’s fairer for clients to be charged ‘per guest’ – so you know in advance what drink service costs will be.

We’ll quote specifically for your event’s timings and needs. However, provision of glasses/staff to serve your drinks is usually quoted for in 2 sections: ‘daytime’ and ‘evening’ (more info).

NB We ask you NOT to give alcohol as gifts to guests (eg Miniatures as favours).