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Chefs and restauranteurs who are guests at weddings here at Pledgdon Barn, have knocked on the kitchen doors to ask ‘how do you do that?’!  They’re talking about the delicious food, such as the Roast Rump of Lamb on Creamy Mash with Minted Gravy….and they are delighted and surprised to have received top quality, tasty food in a ‘mass catering’ situation.  They were expecting ‘meh’ and got ‘oh wow’!

Well, we are able to do that because we have 35 years’ experience in wedding and event catering.  We know not to allow you certain food choices that simply won’t work in the circumstances – and yet, can discuss many different wonderful options that will work absolutely beautifully to not just feed but delight your guests.

Of course, every event has vegetarian, coeliac, allergy requirements – and that’s fine too.  You just liaise with us in advance about all these aspects as well as the children or feeding your videographer etc.  We’re quite geared up to that.  But we’ll work with you to create a perfect menu for both your daytime guests and any evening guests too – with options from formal dinners to afternoon tea, hog roast to colourful finger food displays, sausage and mash to delicate canapes.

We can’t offer advance food tasting sessions (and anyway, preparing food for a handful has little relation to preparing food for a hundred or so!) – but we’ll spend time with you to finalise your perfect menu.  We have testimonials and photos too – so talk with us and let’s see how we incorporate your ideas into your menu to add to the pure enjoyment of your very special day.

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